Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Process Gif 3

As progress continues on my environment, based on the San Juan Bautista Mission down in California, I am at the point where I need to start thinking about the exterior. With this in mind I decided to do another look and feel speed painting for the area outside of the Mission. 

With this painting I started with a quick sketch before blocking in some value. with the value blocked in I decided to try a new process. 

I copied and pasted 3 layers of the painting and color corrected them to be Red Blue and Green. then using a layer mask I blended the layers together. 

Once that was finished I went through some of the Photoshop filters( mainly Cutout and Palette Knife) to simplify the color and remove some of the sketchy marks. 

Finally I added a layer on top and painted over any rough areas and added a few corrections to the color.

I found this method helpful for creating quick color scripts and speedpaintings. It is a great way to quickly take a sketch through to value and color, but this process requires more work to create what I would consider a "finished" painting.

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